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HojRock is Scandinavia’s largest motorbike event. People from all over the country meet to experience the fair, concerts, the camp, Swedens largest city cortege and a lot more. HojRock has been an ongoing event for nineteen years this year and the event takes place at the beautiful Västervik Resort. More information about Västervik Resort you can find here: Here’s also a map over the area.

The Camp: The core of the event is out great camp which offers hot showers, toilets, possibility to charge your phone, replacement of your cool packs, bladder control and so on. If you are hungry there are servings with twenty-four hour service at two places in the campsite. Your can also visit out camp office for general information or to check out the maps of the campsite.

Fair: The fair is an important part of Hojrock. This is the place where you will find our vendors and partners. You can also listen to rock ´n roll and check out bikes. You can watch fashion shows, live band and other performances on the stage.
At the fair area there are also many exhibitors selling everything from jewelry to MC-clothes and accessories. You can also get yourself a brand new tattoo at our tattoo artists. We also have a food court with food exhibitors who have a mix of food from different parts of the world.
Chill out, experience the atmosphere, enjoy the music, take your bike out for a ride on beautiful roads, take the boats out to the islands for a few hours and prepare for the concerts in the evening.

Concerts: During three nights Swedish and international artists offers world-class entertainment at several scenes. There will be different types of music played, everything from classic rock to heavy metal.

Cortege: The cortege starts from Västervik Resort on Saturday and continues throughout Västervik in front of more than 25 000 cheering spectators. It is a magnificent experience and people start lining up at the side of the road hours before just to get as good view as possible. This is an excellent time to make your club shine in front of the spectators.

Brudar, Bågar & Bubbel: All girls that in some way have an interest in bikes, whether they have a driver’s license or not, are welcome! During a few hours you can see, sit on, touch and feel new bikes from Victory, Indian and a lot of other brands. We offer you champagne and sandwiches during the time we talk bikes from a girl’s perspective.

For exhibitors

Book a booth and sell spot at Scandinavia´s biggest motorcycle event – 7000 MC-riders!

HojRock and Fair
15 to 17 June 2017

Reach the MC-people during HojRock. For four days you will meet MC-riders from all over the north.

  • During three days you will reach MC-riders in a unique way. They will be around you all the time at Scandinavia´s biggest motorcycle event.
  • HojRock comprises a fair, meeting and concerts all in one and you will have unique occasions to sell, build your brand and create new customer relationships.
  • 100 MC-clubs book over 3000 tent sites at HojRocks own camp. Throughout the event there are 7000 MC-riders in the area.
  • You can profile brands, sell bikes and accessories.

You can find tips on where to stay during your visit on our website.

HojRock consists of: Concerts, BikeCamp, Brudar Bågar & Bubbel and Sweden’s largest city-cortege.

Unpacking: Wednesday 14/6, 1pm to 8 pm.

The Fair opens: Thursday – Saturday at 10am to 8pm.

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